Hello all

Hope everyone is well! I just wanted to tell you all that I am still sober, since I fell off the wagon for a night. Doing well, but one little problem has arisen. Due to health reasons I’ve been advised to stop drinking coffee. I drink coffee religiously. I get hugely excited when I think about a coffee that I am planning to have. I drink coffee when everyone around me is drinking alcohol. I actually got incredibly upset after finding out about my coffee ban. I’m getting jealous of other people around me who are drinking coffee. I feel like I have nothing left. It sucks. Its so childish but I’m feeling very sorry for myself. I didn’t think it would hit me so hard. 

What is it with me and liquids?

On we go.


2 thoughts on “Hello all

  1. If it is not an issue of having the caffeine, consider switching to tea – how very UKish right? After going to Turkey a while ago, my coffee consumption dropped dramatically in favor of tea. I suspect that one could also cultivate a taste for chai and some of these other types of hot drinks. But yes, I agree on the drinking of liquids – there is something about it.

    Best wishes,


  2. wheatism says:

    I second the vote for tea….but I’m a jasmine green tea fan. I have replaced the pub with my local coffee house that does a lovely tea! Also, be aware of replacing one addiction with another 🙂 Mine is chocolate. Re-read your post after substituting every instance of the word ‘coffee’ with ‘alcohol’ and you’ll see!

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