Day 97. Not.

Bad news. I drank.

Good news. I regret it. So much.



4 thoughts on “

  1. Hey did u get shit faced? Glad u regret it, each day is a experience..learning …it cant be black and white or there would be no hope for anyone….tomorrow is a new day….if u were trashed then yes tomorrow is day is day one….if not a learning experience….chin up!

    • Hi 🙂

      I didn’t get shitfaced, but drank enough to feel quite tipsy. I think I was still the most sober person there. As soon as I was alone and out of the situation I regretted it. I wrote this blog post as soon as I got home and am still awake, half regretting it, half wrestling with myself for acceptance. Oh well. I know now. It was fun, but not what I want anymore.

  2. I think then just minus one day off your total sober days ;)! You were not off the wagon, you just slipped off the seat a bit. Sometimes these things need to happen in our life so that we realize how important it is that we stay true to our desire to not drink as a whole.

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