Boredom – the silent killer.

I’ve not been posting as regularly as I initially did, and I think it’s mainly because I don’t have as much to say now. Things have settled down a bit. Life is a bit easier. I’ve been experiencing fleeting moments of intense joy and excitement that hit me out of nowhere, about mundane everyday things that I never really appreciated before. I’m not thinking about (not) drinking quite as much. Quite being a very vital word to that sentence, but it’s progress. 

My life feels calmer now, and I feel more at peace. One one hand it’s great. On the other hand it is – dare I say it – a little, well, boring. I know, I know, boring is better than out of control and filled with anxiety. But I think boring can also be dangerous. I think it could pose a threat to my sobriety

I reckon that what they say is true. There is no such thing as boredom, just boring people. So I’ve decided that I am gonna embrace life more, and try new things and take more risks. I just have to figure out what they are.


4 thoughts on “Boredom – the silent killer.

  1. Well, as I always point out to my students today, during my first try in higher education while drinking I earned a solid F average (0.7 GPA) got thrown out of school three times. Thirteen years later, when sober, I went back to school, and earned a 4.0 GPA through to my PhD. And the funny thing was that I ended up choosing my major (anthropology) because it was the one subject that did not bore me.

    I agree that those first few months can be quite difficult when it comes to the boredom factor. But what I found was that I knew I wanted to stay sober, so it was time to get myself moving and enjoying all that sobriety had to offer.

    Sounds like you are going in a very good direction!



  2. Thanks Robert! There’s so many possibilities and so much time for me to take advantage of them now. A masters has been in the back of my mind for a while now. Maybe I’ll give it some more thought!

    Hope you are keeping well 🙂

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