I’m in the pub ALL the TIME

Last night I was out in a bar again. I found it pretty difficult at times. Basically ALL the socialising that my friends do is in bars. There isn’t much to do in the village I live in. A small, 5 screen cinema, a handful of nice restaurants, yet more pubs than there are people. (Okay maybe not more than there are people; I like to exaggerate to make a point sometimes, could you tell?) And somehow these pubs are almost always packed with people! How is this???

Anyhow, last week or the week before it occurred to me that I have two options:

a) hide away in my house, avoiding situations where alcohol might be involved. Which basically means lock myself in my bedroom because my family often enjoy a few drinks after dinner.


b) toughen up, put on my big girls pants, get all dressed up (my favourite part of going out – even when I was drinking) and join in the fun (well, apart from the drinking part).

Since last Saturday I’ve been in bars/pubs/nightclubs 4 times. 4 TIMES in 7 days. No wonder I’ve been wavering. That is a lot of mental wrestling.Β By the end of last night I was kind of fed up, but when I got home I was happy with myself. I’m not gonna lie though, the temptation to just say “screw it” was most definitely there. I’m way happier than I was this time last month but life does not always involve me floating around on a bed of daisies – I love daisies. Sometimes I just feel IRRITATED. And sometimes I find it hard to conceal. It never crosses my mind to actually drink, and I don’t really wanna. It just annoys me to no end that I can’t.

I suppose the most important thing is is that I am doing well. I want to be out socialising. I want to meet new people and have great conversation and spend time getting to know people in a way that I couldn’t (and didn’t bother to) with wine/beer coursing through my veins.

Eventually I will get used to this going out sober craic. I suppose I kind of already am.
The fact of the matter is, I never regret going out and I never regret not drinking.

So I must be doing something right. Happy Easter Sunday to all!


6 thoughts on “I’m in the pub ALL the TIME

  1. drypril says:

    Great job going out and staying strong!!! I’m not quite there yet, but I will have to re-enter society at some point (soon), and you will be my inspiration πŸ™‚ Happy Easter!

    • Thanks, drypril! Sometimes I feel like I’m asking for trouble, but I suppose I had better get used to it! The more I do it the more I’ll (hopefully) get used to it! πŸ™‚ let me know how you get on, we can swap tips πŸ˜‰

  2. Wow- you are doing so well! Good on you. That must be really tricky being out all the time. My club days have passed so I don’t have that area to deal with, but the pub kind of socializing is still around somewhat- it’s morphed more into less frequent dinner parties or small get togethers with the gals- these days as most of my friends have families now. And I’ve been avoiding them due to not wanting to drink. I spend a lot of time having tea dates or walk/hike dates with friends instead. I know I need to get back into evening socializing but I don’t feel strong enough to do so sober. But I’m going to have to get into it because I don’t want to spend my upcoming summer avoiding BBQ’s and other fun things. You are definitely inspiring!

    • Hey! πŸ™‚ thanks for your comment πŸ™‚ I’m actually just in the door from a nightclub, another big night! It was easier tonight, thank god! Seeing people falling around the streets at the end of the night always makes me feel relieved that I didn’t drink (because it makes me worry that it was me). I think it might be getting easier πŸ™‚ hope you are well πŸ™‚

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